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Bridgeport Corona Update: April 28, 2020

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Yesterday’s Governor’s Briefing

Supply Chains and Food

People lining up for food, a lot of whom had a really good job only six weeks ago.

Tomorrow: Contact Tracing. Later in Week: Reopen CT. Friday: end of month numbers for this and next fiscal year, ends June 30.

Looking at Asia: Hong Kong and Singapore have resurgences of virus; a lot of travel. New Zealand and Australia are moving to zero.

Food supply chain: remembering 70s. Energy states are losing 30-40% of revenue. We’re learning about supply chains on PPE and antibiotics what we learned then about oil. Want some control over the chain.

Now food. People hungry, and food is being dumped. Looking at how we can get control over own food supply.

Bryan Hurlburt, Commissioner, Department of Agriculture: Four separate buckets: (1) insecurity, food banks and food share, have increased SNAP allotments and eligibility, (2) food systems: getting outlets for farmers and restaurants, aggregation, (3) access for quarantined, and (4) supermarkets.

Dr. Deidre Gifford, Commissioner, Department of Social: Food insecurity is an issue, and a first time issue for many people. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP): 350,000 were getting before CoronaVirus.

New benefit for 270,000 children. Waivers so all SNAP recipients receiving maximum amount. Extended eligibility. Won’t have to renew in April, May or June. Fewer interviews required. Eliminated some of the work requirements. Are planning for on-line access. Working with USDA to allow families to order food on-line for pick up and delivery.

Working with FEMA to supply people stuck at home, either because at risk or sick.

Looking at how to help restaurant industry.


Hospitalization down. Fairfield down. Hartford and New Haven Flat. New hospitalizations. 162 new admissions last day; numbers are lumpy but trend line down. Fourteen day downward on three-day moving average is when we start to adjust access.

Press Questions:
  • Summer and Fall: That’s why we have task force. We’ll do what we find safe.
  • What caseload necessary to indicate easing? Numbers are also related to testing. Hospitalizations is key metric for me.
  • Food shortages: We’re looking, but USDA says don’t count on it.
  • Resurgence of interest in locally grown and farmers markets.
  • CDC and National Guard providing additional service to nursing homes.
  • Connecticut primaries in August: we’ll make sure to have access.
  • Taking us 30% less to do infrastructure repairs, but also with crash of gas prices and demand, source of revenue to do repairs also limited.

Links and Data

Connecticut Official Site: https://portal.ct.gov/Coronavirus

Data as of April 27:

Bridgeport cases: 1810

Bridgeport case rate: 1239/100,000, or one out of every 81 people in Bridgeport.

Bridgeport deaths: 83

Connecticut cases: 25,997

Connecticut deaths: 2012

Connecticut Volunteer Opportunities: https://portal.ct.gov/Coronavirus/Information-For/Volunteers

Connecticut Mental Health Resources: https://portal.ct.gov/Coronavirus/Pages/Public-Health-Resources/Mental-Health-Resources

Mayor Ganim’s Facebook Page

Bridgeport Corona Virus Updates: https://www.bridgeportct.gov/coronaclosings

CDC guidelines on How to Protect Yourself and Others.

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