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May 8: Clarifying Criteria to Re-Open

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News from the Governor’s Office

Governor Lamont outlined criteria for Phase One of Reopening.

Governor Lamont announced seven criteria for Phase 1 of reopening the State of Connecticut and said the state has already met the first criteria:

  1. 14-day decline of hospitalizations
  2. Increased testing available
  3. Sufficient contact tracing capacity
  4. Protect vulnerable populations
  5. Adequate healthcare capacity
  6. Adequate supply of PPE
  7. Appropriate workplace safeguards

The full slide deck can be viewed here.

Self-employed residents seeking aid can now apply for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance

The Connecticut Department of Labor today announced that it has made active the filing site so those who are self-employed can complete the necessary filing applications for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA). Click Here to Apply.

Governor Lamont Announces Free Advisory Support for Student Loan Borrowers

(HARTFORD, CT) – Governor Ned Lamont announced today that Summer, a social enterprise that assists student loan borrowers, is providing Connecticut residents financially impacted by the COVID-19 crisis with free assistance managing their student loans. More Details Here.

Updated List of Nursing Homes

An updated list of nursing homes and assisted living facilities with residents who have tested positive for COVID-19, and corresponding data is now available. Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities.

Suspension of Regulations to Support a Major Expansion of COVID-19 Testing

State Removes Requirement for a Referral from Medical Provider Prior to Receiving a COVID-19 Test; Allows Tests to be Conducted at Pharmacies. Details here.

Governor’s May 6 Press Conference:

Hospitalizations are back down again. Hope yesterday was a one day blip. Testing up, cases down. Three day moving average down: still on schedule to May 20.

Today it’s about higher education. But before we get there, announced Skill-Up Connecticut, a free program to get certifications in many fields. Education key to our state, a ten billion dollar industry.

Rick Levin, Reopen Connecticut Advisory Group, Former President of Yale University, also of Coursera. We are looking at a phased plan for reopening. Expect graduate students to be lower risk than undergrads. Community colleges we expect to treat like businesses.

Wanted to create as uniform a plan as possible while leaving space for local administrations to take care of their needs. Schools need to be flexible, and ready to go back online if circumstances change. Quite a bit of detail given as to guidelines for universities and colleges.

Each University needs four plans: 1. Repopulation of Campus, 2. Monitorring and Isolation, 3. Containment, and 4. for Shut-down, either universally or locally. As soon as May 20, we are hoping at least research programs will be returning. We’re looking at three phases that will culminate with undergraduates getting back to campus this fall.

Mark Ojakiann, head of our public schools. We’re working with our public health people to make sure we have plans that will ensure our campus communities will be safe.

We have different kinds of institutions, and we understand that different institutions have different needs and will have the space to make appropriate plans.

More can be found at the May 6 Press Release on the matter. The Committeee Recommendations are here.

Data as of May 7:

Bridgeport cases: 2266

Bridgeport case rate: 1564/100,000, or one out of every 64 people in Bridgeport.

Bridgeport deaths: 109

Connecticut cases: 31,784

Connecticut deaths: 2797

Connecticut Volunteer Opportunities: https://portal.ct.gov/Coronavirus/Information-For/Volunteers

Connecticut Mental Health Resources: https://portal.ct.gov/Coronavirus/Pages/Public-Health-Resources/Mental-Health-Resources

Mayor Ganim’s Facebook Page

Bridgeport Corona Virus Updates: https://www.bridgeportct.gov/coronaclosings

CDC guidelines on How to Protect Yourself and Others.

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